Modern Server Rooms

We ensure the success of a project and compliance to specification.

Modern Data Warehousing Construction

We have extensive experience and expertise in the design and specification of ICT and Electronic Infrastructure solutions for small and large projects.

Infrastructure Consulting

Consulting Services covering a wide range of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) that assist organisations to run efficiently. These services are essential to the everyday operations of an organisation and integral to effective service delivery. These include, Hardware, Networking, IP Telephony and many more. Our network infrastructure solutions are designed from End-to-End, from the core layer (existing or new) through to the edge/access layer i.e. end user.

Electronic Consulting

Consulting Services covering a wide range of Electronic Infrastructure Solutions that allow for the deployment of varied technologies that either operate via or are managed by ICT Systems. Technologies such as IP-CCTV, Access Control, Fire & Evacuation Systems, Public Announcement Systems and many more. Deploying such technologies over a Unified Networked ICT Infrastructure allows for better management, increased scalability and a better return on investment.

Unified Communication

Consulting Services that enable Unified Communication (UC) solutions, which allow for the integration of real-time, enterprise communication services such as instant messaging, voice (IP telephony), presence information, mobility features (including extension mobility and single number reach), audio, web & video conferencing, fixed-mobile convergence (FMC), desktop sharing, data sharing, unified messaging (integrated voicemail, e-mail & fax) and many more.

Environmental ICT Consulting

Syncro Digital Consulting offers a wide range of Environmental ICT Consulting Services. We design and specify a range of Server/Switch Rooms and Data Centres which form a critical element of ensuring stable ICT infrastructure for core systems and components. Our solutions further enable real-time monitoring of all elements within this environment. We also offer a wide range of services that deal with renewable energy solution designs, reduction of energy footprints and many other innovative technologies that are tailor made for your specific requirements.

Healthcare ICT Consulting

Delivering a wide range of End-to-End ICT Healthcare Consulting Services for new or existing hospital or clinic developments. We create network infrastructure that adheres and surpasses Governmental standards, ensuring optimum uptime of patient critical systems and networks. Creating integrated hospital ICT infrastructures that enable the deployment of efficient, reliable and secure Hospital Information Systems, with features such as VoIP, Mobile Computing, Failover backup and Disaster Recovery, Tele-medicine, RIS/PAC Digital X-ray and many more integrated healthcare solutions.

IT Security Consulting

Syncro Digital delivers a range of Security Consulting Solutions that assist IT management and key stakeholders in understanding the ICT Security map and how new technologies in attacks and intrusions have evolved over time. This is done through detailed Security Audits that analyse and identify gaps or points of weakness in ICT Systems, in terms of infrastructure and policies. We also aid in the development of ICT Security Policies that ensure effective deployment so that all stakeholders understand their role in mitigating risks, thereby turning these policies into “living” policies.

Software Development

Hand-crafted applications for forward thinking organisations. Enterprise software doesn’t have to be boring. We solve complex business problems by building easy-to-use software that delights end users.

Mobile App Development

We build intuitive mobile apps powered by robust backend infrastructure. From iOS and Android apps, mobile web apps and complex integrations, we can lead the design, development, and management of your mobile project, no matter the size or complexity.

Data Flows Quickly and Easily When Securely Connected

Our portfolio of ground-breaking solutions encompasses Integrated Network solutions, Fiber Optic solutions, Cabling systems, LAN solutions, Wiring systems, Telecom Infrastructure solutions, Biometrics, Test and Security Network solutions.

Website Development

With our website development, you do not have to adjust your specifications to the capabilities of a given platform or change your design visions to fit a template – we deliver the work precisely to your requirements.

Data Protection

Protecting sensitive data continues to be a paramount challenge for businesses and governmental institutions alike – with increased media attention and regulations ready to clamp down on careless handling of personal data in particular. We help you establish a holistic view of your sensitive data, helping you avoid data leaks and minimise the risk of GDPR fines.

A Tech Consulting Company You Can Trust

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