Wider, Wider and Wider. See the unseen!

Milesight 180° Panoramic Mini Bullet Camera surprises you with its ultra large 180° FoV.
Explore more about the small yet powerful mini bullet camera.

Embrace a 180° Wide World

The 180° panoramic lens brings out the all-sided safety of large stadium, busy plaza, vigorous college, etc. which secures the security from a broader perspective.

Reveal More at Night

Ultra Large Night View up to 180° FoV redefines your understanding of what you can see from a bullet camera at night. Unique inclined angle design together with Smart IR II Technology reveals a clear and panoramic viewing experience at night.

Analyse More for Businesses Management

With the Advanced Heat Map embedded, the 180° Panoramic Mini Bullet Camera can ideally provide analyses that help the business owners optimize every effort to get the desired outcome.